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UK Leads Europe in White Space Technology

UK Leads Europe in White Space Technology

Regulator Ofcom has revealed plans to push through White Space technology, and the UK is the first country in Europe being considered for the proposals.

The new devices find unused areas of airwaves that are presently reserved for TV broadcasting. It then utilises these airwaves to receive and transmit wireless signals, therefore recycling the spectrum.

It is thought this could increase a number of key services including rural broadband and Wi-Fi.

The CEO of Ofcom Ed Richards stated they have been looking at these White Spaces and learning how they can be used without interfering with existing users services.

“The solution we have devised creates the opportunity to maximise the efficient use of spectrum and open the door to the development of a new and exciting range of … applications,” he said.

According to Ofcom, wireless technology is getting increasingly popular in the UK, noting last month that 37 % of adults and 60% of teenagers are said to be  ‘addicted’ to smartphones.