Our Custom Facebook Page design service gives your Facebook page a more professional feel as well as interactivity like never before. With this package, not only do you get a custom designed landing page, you also get to choose any of the following features:

Sweepstakes and Contests
Create a Sweepstakes or Contest right on your Fan Page to build fan interaction

Fan-Only Content
Choose who gets to view your content – any of these features can be made visible to fans, non-fans, or both.

Custom Contact Forms
For reservation forms, surveys, “contact us” forms or something entirely custom.

Show your current Mayor, checkins, and tips inside your Facebook fan page.

MailChimp Integration
Allow your fans and customers to subscribe to your newsletter via MailChimp. Send updates to their inboxes and keep them connected to your business!

Google Maps
Give your visitors some direction with Google Maps Widget. You can adjust the zoom, marker color, map type (Satellite, hybrid, terrain etc.), and more!

Businesses need Twitter, plain and simple. We can integrate Twitter feeds right into your Facebook page,to reach a larger audience and increase your online presence.

SoundCloud Integration
Give your fans something to listen to by pulling in your SoundCloud audio to share mp3s, podcasts, original songs, or anything else you can record and upload to SoundCloud.com

A Flickr gallery right on your page. Fans can view your images easily without having to leave Facebook.

Want to find out what’s popular? Use a Poll to pose a question and let your visitors pick their answers!

Easily showcase your videos or configure a playlist from YouTube or Vimeo that updates automatically.

PDF Downloads
Got a whitepaper or other document to share? Share your PDF documents for quick retrieval by your users – you can even limit the download link to fans-only!

Promote an event by displaying a countdown timer in your Facebook Page. Pick the time and date, choose what intervals to show, and you’re off and counting!

Virtual Gifts
Let your fans share your own custom virtual gifts. Your fans will be able to easily share your custom-created gifts with their Facebook friends, creating a viral gift-giving promotion for your business.

Our custom Facebook pages cost just £147.

Look below at how large companies have used custom Facebook pages to interact with their customers and clients.