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Samsung ‘to seek ban on iPhone 5 in UK’

Samsung 'to seek ban on iPhone 5 in UK'

Samsung is considering taking legal action that could stop the sale of the new iPhone in Britain, according to recent reports.

The South Korean company could look for an injunction in Korea and in Europe against the new iPhone, which it believes will use technology that is in violation of its patents.

Although not much is known about the new iPhone, Samsung believes it will certainly rely on telecoms patents that Samsung themselves hold, according to South Korea’s newspaper Maeil Business.

Both companies have been fighting legal battles worldwide over the last 3 months. Apple first sued Samsung in the US in April 2011, claiming that their own products had been “slavishly” copied by Samsung. Samsung counter-sued almost right away.

Earlier this year Apple were briefly granted a Europe-wide injunction against the Galaxy Tab 10.1, a tablet that Apple claimed had copied various elements of its iPad. A German court later cancelled the Europe-wide ban but allowed a ban on the device in Germany.
While the Galaxy Tab 10.1 case was all about intellectual property, the possible injunction against Apple’s iPhone 5 would also be a patent infringement claim.

“We are preparing aggressive legal suits against Apple, shifting away from our defensive strategy. We stand a good chance of winning the cases if we use our patents related to wireless communications standards,“ Samsung told the Financial Times.
Details of the new iPhone remain secret, as with all Apple products before launch. However, it is a given that the smartphone will be called iPhone 5 and could be launched alongside a smaller version ‘iPhone 4S’. Rumours about the phone state that it will have a quicker processor, a better camera and will be launched next month.