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Samsung admits there is a volume drop bug in the Galaxy Nexus

GIANT HARDWARE KOREA Samsung has confirmed that there is a problem with volume drop your smartphone Nexus Galaxy.
There have been a lot of hype surrounding the latest Samsung Nexus developed in collaboration with Google. As sometimes happens, the phone is not quite perfect, and some customers have experienced a sudden drop in volume during phone calls.

Samsung said: “As for the Galaxy Nexus, we are aware of the issue of volume and have developed a solution. We will update the devices as soon as possible.”
The problem seems to be related specifically to the 900 MHz frequency used by O2 and Vodafone. Users in three, Orange and T-Mobile should be fine.
We had a Galaxy Nexus for a few days and now we can say we have had no problem with him using a Vodafone SIM card. The device was released the latest Android 4.0 Ice cream Sandwich when it launched last week.
It is not the only smartphone that recently experienced problems after launch. Nokia announced this week issued two software updates to resolve the difficulties in energy savings with your phone Lumia 800 that started the day before the Nexus Galaxy.