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Playstation Vita Showcased at Tokyo Games Show

Playstation Vita Showcased at Tokyo Games Show Playstation Vita Showcased at Tokyo Games Show

The new PlayStation Vita was showcased at Tokyo Games Show for the first time yesterday, with Sony displaying some of the portable console’s new features. President of Sony’s Worldwide Studios Mr Yoshida showed how Vita can be used to play PS3 games remotely. In addition, Sony’s latest handheld device allows cross-platform play between PS3 and Vita game players.

Playing on Killzone 3, Mr Yoshida showed why the console is being so hotly awaited ahead of it’s release. It ran smoothly, with only two slight glitches. The Vita will be sold in Japan at a cost of 24,980 yen (£206) and has the function to be used to play in a co-op fashion with PS3 players. Alongside another Sony employee, Yoshida played Little Big Planet 2, showcasing the interaction the PS Vita brings to the gaming market. In the speech, the Sony staff also demonstrated the Vita’s remote video capabilities which is streamed live from a PS3. Enabling the user to watch videos wirelessly on the Vita, no cartridges in sight.

Trying to separate themselves from the likes of the Nintendo 3DS, Sony stated how the Vita can also be used to share data with the PS3 by using the cloud. Along with the Vita, 26 new titles are due to be released. The device, set for release in Japan on 17th December 2011, still has no launch date for Europe or the US.

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