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iPad Dominance ‘Will End Next Year’

iPod Dominance 'Will End Next Year'

Only 50% of potential new tablet buyers say they plan on purchasing an iPad next year, states new research from industry giants Kantar Worldpanel ComTech.

Apple currently claims 73 percent of the market share-3.96 million of the Brits who own a tablet computer. Their closest rival is the Samsung Galaxy Tab who now have a 6 percent share of the future market.

However according to a recent survey carried out by KWC,  a massively significant 28 percent of the potential tablet buyers market, have not decided which tablet to buy yet.

More importantly, 16 percent of the users who completed the survey said they have ‘good knowledge’ of tablets and 25 percent of those admitted that they were in fact planning to purchase a tablet within the next 12 months. If this survey is an accurate representation for the whole UK market (48 million adults) then there will be an additional 2 million sales of tablets.