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iPhone 5 May be Released in October 2011

iPhone 5 May be Released in October 2011

Best Buy today stated that they are on course to sell the iPhone 5 from 21 October release.

The information comes via This Is My Next, which obtained a screenshot of a memo that states an earlier than usual start time on that date, for an event called “Apple Fixture Installation”.

According to the private source, the same sort of strange timings were used for the iPhone 4 release.

That doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll be having to wait until October to get a glimpse of the new iPhone 5 as Apple often launch the phone 4 weeks prior to retail release.

So that would mean that, if Best Buy’s October date is correct, we could see the iPhone 5 launch happen in late September 2011 as has been suggested by many other anonymous sources over the last few months.

Then again, many have suggested almost every date from June 2011 to January 2012, so fans will just have to sit tight and wait for Apple’s next move.

As for the October release date? It may happen. It may not happen. But until Apple release a media alert, an anonymous source is the best we’ve got.