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Android Market Reaches 400,000 Apps

Google’s Android Market currently has over four hundred thousand apps, and also the pace of recent code additions is accelerating.

News of this milestone was announced by the mobile-app marketplace watchers at Distimo, in Utrecht, The Netherlands,that says that the four hundred,000 line – that counts solely currently active apps – was crossed this past weekend.

The big boy on the block is, of course, Apple’s iOS app store. per Apple, its store contains “over five hundred,000″ apps.per the app counters at, as of this Wednesday that variety was exactly 543,424.

Interestingly, Distimo reports that though it took the Android Market 2 months longer than Apple’s App Store to achieve thefour hundred,000 mark, the speed of apps being added – that was slower than Apple’s for the primary 20-30 months ofeach of each store existences – has picked up speed. In their respective rises from two hundred,000 to 300,000, Android app additions outpaced iOS app additions.

While the quantity of apps within the Android Market could also be increasing quickly, that speed is being driven by the fast growth of free apps – paid-app growth is considerably slower.

As of nowadays, Distimo reports, regarding two-thirds of all apps within the Android Market are free, counts 236,969 free iOS apps and games – a figure they peg at a very actual share of forty three.61.

Remember, Apple does not provide counts of free versus paid apps, therefore let’s cut some slack – they are doing the most effective they’ll.

Much may be said regarding the poor quality of apps offered by each the iOS App Store and also the Android Market. Anyone who has spent any quantity of your time slogging through them, probing for quality, is aware of that a goodlyquantity of the apps in each stores’ huge collections are but stellar.

Speaking of crappy apps, the last time we tend to checked the quantity of apps that turned up during a hunt for “fart” in Apple’s App Store was last might, when the whole iOS assortment passed the five hundred,000 milestone. At that point, the Reg’s Fart App Index™ for the App Store stood at 856. As of nowadays, Apple’s count stands at a remarkably stable 857.

The Android Market guarantees that there are “At least one thousand results” during a similar hunt for fart apps –however displays solely a mere 480.